ALTUNBÜKEN, The ALTUNBÜKEN, which has been grounded in 1940, has been placed amongst the leading companies of Turkey with its successful past and it carries on with the vision of being the leader in the sectors that it has its activities in., Jewelry, Construction, Property, Finance, RELUX, ALTUNBÜKEN, Career
The ALTUNBÜKEN Construction and Tourism Incorporated Company has been joined into the group at the beginning of the 1970's and has finalised many number of projects so far.

The main aim of the company is to be able to create easy to live, environmental friendly and aesthetic works. It has materialised its projects by paying attention to the common interests of the society that it serves while materialising these aims of itself from the past until today.

The ALTUNBÜKEN Construction is aiming to produce buildings which shall address the middle upper and upper income group, which shall have the unique concepts in every way, with the building projects that can be approached and which shall have low risk and with high rent returns in the important metropolis as the strategy as the Istanbul being the leading one. The high quality standards of the The ALTUNBÜKEN Group is kept on the forefront for all of the investments of the company.
To increase the value of the investment portfolio by creating an stable growth, to create continuous profits for its partners for the projects that it develops and to create an value for the customer groups that it addresses.
To obtain global success with our distinguished service standards for the developing and the application of the profitable investment projects in the construction sector.

Ideal answers to your needs that rise from combining the living and working spaces: RELUX RSO 50 Tepeüstü, RELUX RFF 35 Ataşehir

Think about a house or an office where each square meter is designed specifically for you. You can make the walls wider or smaller as you need.
Boutique architectural elements dominate the scene indoor where design meets cutting edge technology. These rare elements also reflect your personal pleasures. 

Transportation is very comfortable; you are away from the traffic, but very close to the city. It takes only a couple of minutes to leave your home or office and get to the subway. And the biggest shopping malls are in the neighborhood.

Sports fields, cinema, presentation halls, video conference rooms, music studio, amusement rooms, play fields for kids, parking lots, restaurants and cafés, green fields filled with modern artworks... All of them are yours whenever you want.

FSM Mah. Poligon Cad. Buyaka İş Kuleleri, 3. Blok, No:101, K: 17, Tepeüstü, Ümraniye, İstanbul, Türkiye
T: 444 3 759
F: +90 (216) 501 04 26
ALTUNBÜKEN Group Chairman of the Managing Board Cem Altunbüken was a guest of Zehra Saraç's Coffee Break at TV 24...
As the necessity of the information age and online working conditions improve, the borderline between working and living spaces has become indistinct. Designed based on this insight, RELUX RSO 50 Tepeüstü is located on a neighborhood with offices, residences, shopping malls and public parks in Istanbul, Tepeüstü.
Designed with the idea “we cannot make you work less, but we can help you earn time to use more efficiently”, RELUX RFF 35 Ataşehir is located in Ataşehir, very close to the new trade and finance center of Istanbul.
ALTUNBÜKEN Ünlüler Döviz ve Kıymetli Madenler Ticareti A.Ş. İstanbul Altın Borsasına Kotedir.