ALTUNBÜKEN, The ALTUNBÜKEN, which has been grounded in 1940, has been placed amongst the leading companies of Turkey with its successful past and it carries on with the vision of being the leader in the sectors that it has its activities in., Jewelry, Construction, Property, Finance, RELUX, ALTUNBÜKEN, Career
The ALTUNBÜKEN Foreign Currency and Gold Trading Incorporated Company has started its activities in 1988 as the first 3rd foreign currency company of Turkey.

The head quarters of the company, which is one of the oldest and the most rooted finance companies of Turkey, is at the Istanbul Bazaar and it has a branch at Istanbul Perpa Trading Center.

The company has the conveying of the continuously changing market trends by commenting in an objective direction within the investment process in the most rapid and in the right way , as its main principal. The ALTUNBÜKEN, which holds the highest amount of the currency units that are on the market in order to provide for the best service, is also providing the investment coaching services for its customers.

Our corporate services can be summarised as the following;

You can place your orders for the buying or the selling of the foreign currency through the telephone and you can carry out the transactions in relation to these orders at our branches, which may be the nearest to you.

You can ask for your foreign currency to be brought to your home, office or to any bank that you require with our armoured vehicles.

You can use our special rate of exchange options service.
To provide the services for the transactions for the gold bullion and the buying and the selling of the foreign currency requirements of our customers in an rapid way and over the most suitable price in general in Turkey.
To become an financial institution, which follows the developments closely, which sees the customers and the work force as its business partners, which has social responsibility sense against the country and which provides the best service in the sector, within the integration of the Turkish capital markets into the world markets frame work.
Main Office
Aynacılar Cd. No:10, 34120, Kapalıçarşı, Eminönü, İstanbul, Turkey
T: 444 3 759
F: +90 (212) 513 02 24

Branch Office
Perpa Ticaret Merkezi, A Blok, Kat: 8 No: 840, Okmeydanı, Şişli, İstanbul, Turkey
T: +0 (212) 210 97 00
F: +0 (212) 320 28 05
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ALTUNBÜKEN Ünlüler Döviz ve Kıymetli Madenler Ticareti A.Ş. İstanbul Altın Borsasına Kotedir.